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Cycling in the USA

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In his second article with, Jonathan Freedman is taking us cycling in the USA, more precisely in New York City and State. His first steps as a road cycling aficionado. And he will also tell us about some facts on US cycling that not many people know. This article [...]


The Power of Chance

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My name is Jonathan Freedman. I will introduce myself below using an article I first posted on LinkedIn back in April, 2017 (keep that in mind as you read it). The fact that I started cycling (a few short years ago) was all about chance as you will see in [...]


Wolf Hall (Hilary Mantel) – Thomas Cromwell

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The 2009 Booker Prize is a tense description of Thomas Cromwell’s ambition and above all of his personality. When reading this novel one may fall into the trap of giving too much weight to the historical facts: the importance, or lack of it, of Anne Boleyn; Henry VIII’s mercurial personality [...]

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