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Our souls at night (Kent Haruf) – a review

our-souls-at-night Our souls at night (Kent Haruf) - a review

It is hard to write about “Our souls at night”. It is always hard to write about a way of writing, Haruf’s, that is so simple and yet at the same time so meaningful. So I’ll just try to be precise and eloquent.

This is a book about living. A man and a woman who have lived most of their lives next door to one another, come together at an age when everybody assumes that loneliness is the natural state for human beings. The old lady invites the man to spend the nights with her, to talk, to listen to her. And at the same time she opens up, the man relives his past, he talks her through it, his mistakes and failings, his lost ambitions.

Haruf’s prose is direct, candid, devoid of any pretentiousness, just beautiful. He asserts people’s right to live fully to the very end. And just with that he managed to write a beatiful novel.

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